Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moving, looking, moving, looking.

It has been quite some time since my first, and only, blog entry. This is because I have been in the process of relocating to Bendigo (Country) form Melbourne (City).

The reason we (my fiance and I) decided to make the big move is primarily, initially, to make my fiance happy again. When we first got together I was living in Melbourne and he in Bendigo, so we made a deal that he would move to Melbourne and if he gave it a good honest shot and couldn't really be happy there, we would move back to Bendigo, where we are both from. So he tried, he couldn't, and so we have moved back to the country.

We have been staying with my fiance's sister while we look for a place. Sadly, my crafting and sewing stuff has been packed away this whole time. The only good thing about this is that it has made me realise how important my hobby has become to me and how much I gain from it emotionally.

So after a couple of weeks of scouring the town for a decent and cheap rental, we have successfully secured a little place and will be moving in over the coming week and weekend. I can't wait! I'm itching to get back into my projects!

We have also started the search for the place where we will get married (I almost wrote 'tie the knot', but that makes me think of a hang mans noose!).

Yesterday we went for a drive and visited a few wineries. None of them were suitable for one reason or another. One had a rooster as it's logo and I'm terrified of chooks and roosters!  However, we were directed (by a lovely lady at one of the wineries we visited) to a property called Rosewood where weddings and such are held. The gardens there are stunning and it is now on our list of possibilities but we will continue looking for now as there are still quite a lot of wineries in the area worth checking out as a potential venue and besides, I love wine!

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