Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Idea

To anyone who reads this, the following will be very clear; I have no idea!

In many ways this is what this blog will be all about. Having no idea and the journey along the way to ... well hopefully having one! Ayone who already has some idea, is invited to (please!) pass on your wisdom along the way by way of response to posts, guest posts or anyother way they can thnk of.

So what don't I have any idea about? Well amoung many things, blogging. I have wanted to start this blog for a very long time but a lack of confidence and fear of sucking has been in my way. In fact a lack of confidence and fear of sucking often get in the way of me doing things that I would no doubt very much enjoy if I just, well, did it.

Other things I have no idea about which I plan to cover in this blog are as follows:

Crafting & sewing - I started about 2 years ago so my knowledge and skills are still minimal or undiscovered;

Getting married - this I will be doing in April next year, DIY style (I have ever even been to a wedding); and

Starting a small business - selling my crafty products.

So as I stand on the brink of adventures in to unknown territory, I invite you to join me and together we will overcome our fears and learn along the way!